Firecracker sauce

Heat oven to 150C/130C fan/gas 2. Add the garlic, bay leaves and chillies to the softened onions, stir around the pan for 1-2 mins, then pour in the passata, Worcestershire sauce, remaining vinegar and sugar. Season the sauce, give a good stir, then put the brisket on top.

Crushed garlic and finely grated parmesan basted with butter and perfect when tossed with fries, wings or anything else. A swirling flavor fusion of sweet and spicy chili sauce with a hint of ranch. Creamy ranch and spicy chili sauce blended to sweet and spicy perfection. Delicious, spicy honey mustard flavors. None of the risk.

FIRECRACKER ROLL. Minced Pork, Vegetables, Glass Noodles, Thai Herbs, Tangy Peanut Sauce (GLUTEN/NUTS) $ 3 $ 8 THAI WINGS 🧨 . Garlic, Pepper and Fish Sauce Marinade, Tossed with Chili Sugar (POSSIBLE GLUTEN FROM SHARED FRYER).




Firecracker Chicken and broccoli - Cook chicken as directed. Before adding the sauce, heat 2 cups of bite sized broccoli florets to the hot skillet and cook 3-5 minutes. Double the sauce ingredients and mix with the chicken and broccoli and reduce as directed. Firecracker Shrimp- Make recipe as directed using deveined shrimp in place of.

ingredients 1 cup sweet chili sauce 1 1⁄ 2 cups heavy mayonnaise 1⁄ 2 cup sweetened condensed milk 1⁄ 4 cup sambal chili directions Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Bottle and refrigerate overnight before use. Submit a Recipe Correction MY PRIVATE NOTES Add a Note Advertisement Advertisement RECIPE MADE WITH LOVE BY Follow Me @gonzilla3 Contributor.

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